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"I often tell my patients about this amazing intervention which has over and over been shown to improve health outcomes and quality of life. Then I give them a prescription for exercise." — Doc Mike

Studies Show...

  • Here's Doc Mike's viral video 23 and 1/2 hours on why exercise is the single best thing for your health.

  • Exercise and physical activity can have beneficial effects across several physical and mental-health outcomes. Read more here.

  • Exercise can be medicine for many illnesses and ailments. Check out this article comparing the effects of exercise vs pharmaceuticals.

  • It's not just Doc Mike that thinks exercise is worth prescribing. Check out this policy statement from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

I have [insert-illness-ailment-or-injury-here] which is why I can't really be active.

The Single Best Thing... Exercise as Medicine

These sites provide lots of information about how exercise can help with all sorts of health issues.

Exercise is Medicine, Australia

Check out these fact sheets with info about how exercise helps with all sorts of conditions...

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Exercise Works!

Though it's more for your physician, this site's got lots of info about 'exercise as medicine' and other great resources...

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Chronic Disease or Illness

If you have an illness like diabetes, asthma, heart disease, or back/joint pain — exercise has important health benefits...

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Canadians with a Disability

The fact sheets from Active Living Alliance provide descriptions of activities for people with various types of disabilities...

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Activity for Mental Health

This booklet explains the mental health benefits of being physically active and gives practical advice for getting started...

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Dr. Jane's Top Three

Here's a former Canadian Olympic rower, what she prescribes "exercise as medicine" for... (Click on the arrow below for the PDF.)