Busy Brian

Brian is in first year engineering at his local college and works part time...

Studies Show...

  • Regular activity can improve your memory and thinking skills. Read more.

  • Sitting for prolonged periods is just plain bad for you. Watch this.

  • Getting active can increase your productivity. Find out more.

Between classes, tutorials, studying and working I barely have time to sleep let alone exercise. My grades come before my abs.

Tweak your Week!

There are ways to fit activity into even the most hectic schedule. Give them a try — you might even find you feel better and get more done!

Try a Standing Desk

You don't have to buy one. Try making your own by piling up some textbooks or try building the Standesk...

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Take the Stairs

If going UP stairs is tough on your knees, go up two extra flights in the elevator and take the stairs DOWN instead...

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Take a Brisk Walk 
at Lunch

Don't just go across the street for lunch or coffee. Walk a few blocks farther — ask your coworkers to join you too!

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Workout at Work

Even if you're stuck at a desk all day there are ways to get your body moving. Try stretches right at your desk...

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Watch a ...Video?

This video from ASAP Science has nine tips to help you stop sitting so much... just be sure to stand while you watch!

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Do Housework with Oomph

You may not be able to set aside time to get active but try adding some extra oomph to the chores on your list...

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