Full of Good Intentions Family

The Fadel's, a family of five, keep saying they will get more active... starting next week.

Studies Show...

  • Parents can play an important role in their children’s physical activity. Read more.

  • Family-based approaches have great potential for promoting physical activity in children. Check out this U.S. research report.

  • Parental role-modeling and encouragement can influence children’s activity levels. Read more here.

During the week we all get home and just do homework, eat, and look at our phones. On the weekend we sleep in, eat, visit family and look at our phones some more...

Tweak your Family Week!

Getting active as a family can feel overwhelming but small changes can have big effects. Check out these tips!

Get Moving as a Family

Check out these ideas for individual and group activities from the NHS. What works best for your family?

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Get Active at Home

You don't have to go anywhere special to get moving. There are lots of things you can do in and around where you live...

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Try "Temptation Bundling"

Stretch while watching Game of Thrones; walk while listening to a playlist; or pair other activities with things you enjoy...

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Make an Active Agenda

Plan in advance... Monday: Walk to work? Wednesday: Only take the stairs? Add activities right into your calendar!

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Make an Activity Jar

Write down activities and put them in a jar. Make a plan as a family to reach in and try new things a few times a week!

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Park Farther Away

Always stuck on your butt at work, in the car, or on transit? Park farther away or get off the bus earlier to be more active.