Just Don't Wanna Jonah

Jonah has memories of awkwardly-fitting phys ed shorts, thinks being active means going to the gym and that moving more is a chore.

Studies Show...

  • Physical activity has lots of benefits beyond weight loss. Read more.

  • Activity and exercise might just be the best medicine. Find out more from Harvard Health.

  • Being more active can increase productivity, decrease stress, improve your mood, make you rich... okay, maybe not the last one but we really want you to click this click this link and give this whole #makeyourdayharder thing a try.

I'm not a gym-person. Plus, it's not like I need to lose weight.

Tweak your Week

It's not about losing weight. There are lots of ways to fit activity into your schedule without it feeling like a burden.

Changing How You Think

Sometimes the way we perceive ourselves can prevent us from making active choices. Start small and move your way up...

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Get Active at Home

You don't have to go anywhere special to get moving. There are lots of things you can do in and around where you live...

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Meditation for Motivation

Take some time to think about what motivates you to get active. Then try a guided meditation — ohmmm...

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Watch a ...Video?

This video from ASAP Science has nine tips to help you stop sitting so much... just be sure to stand while you watch!

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Try "Temptation Bundling"

Stretch while watching Game of Thrones; walk while listening to a playlist; or pair other activities with things you enjoy...

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Park Farther Away

Always stuck on your butt at work, in the car, or on transit? Park farther away or get off the bus earlier to be more active.