Tired Tina

Tina, a 34 year old mother of a one year old, recently returned to work after maternity leave.

She stopped her exercise routine (biking to work and her regular yoga) during her pregnancy. Now she feels overwhelmed by the idea of adding even one more thing to her day.

Studies Show...

  • Physical inactivity is consistently associated with feelings of fatigue. Check out this research abstract.

  • The effects of exercise on increasing feelings of energy and lessening feelings of fatigue appears to be larger than that of prescription drugs. Read more.

  • Physical activity can help you to sleep better. Read more.

By the time I get home from work, pick up my son, and make dinner I just don't have enough in me...

Tweak your Week

You don't have to set aside a big chunk of time for exercise, just sneak it into your daily routine. Try these tips!

Take the Stairs

If going UP stairs is tough on your knees, go up two extra flights in the elevator and take the stairs DOWN instead...

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Stretch Before Breakfast

Roll out of bed and do some lunges on your way to the bathroom or towards your morning coffee...

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Enlist Support

Having support from others can really help you to make a routine out of getting moving. (The more the merrier!)

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Workout at Work

Even if you're stuck at a desk all day there are ways to get your body moving. Try stretches right at your desk...

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Do Housework with Oomph

You may not be able to set aside time to get active but try adding some extra oomph to the chores on your list...

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Park Farther Away

Always stuck on your butt at work, in the car, or on transit? Park farther away or get off the bus earlier to be more active.